Sunshine of My Life Under the Red Sky 

Maece Kcm0516
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 Call name: Maece

 Date of birth: 8-4-2015
18 kg, 48 cm.
Pedigreenumber: 3000533
PRA: clear
CEA: clear by parentage
JADD: clear by parentage
DE: clear by parentage

Luxemburg Juniorchampion
German Juniorchampion (DRC)

Maece is a daughter from Luna and Joppe. She is a 4th generation Under the Red Sky; her mother (Luna), grandmother (Meagan) and greatgrandmother (Shady) were also born here. Maece is an active teenager, sometimes a bit naughty but she can be really cuddly too. She has done a puppytraining and basic obedience at our local dogschool. Right now we are doing dummytraining and scent detection.

Pedigree Maece