Tollwest Burgess Shale

Fozzy Martinidogshow 2019 
Callname: Fozzy
Date of birth: 25-11-2017
NHSB-number: 3136342
PRA: clear
CEA: clear by parentage
ECVO: clear (January 2020)
JADD: normal
DE: not tested yet
DM: clear by parentage
CP: clear by parentage
CLPS: clear by parentage
Chondrodystrophy: CDDY/CDDY
Dilute (buff): D/d


Dutch Juniorchampion
German Juniorchampion (VDH and DRC)
Jugendsieger Karlsruhe
Jugendsieger Baden-Württemberg

Fozzy was born in Calgary, Canada at kennel Tollwest and moved to Holland in April 2018. Fozzy is a lovely toller, she gets along fine with all our other dogs and loves to cuddle. But she is also full of energy and loves to learn new things.

Splash Takin a Bath Under the Red Sky 

Splash BOB Leiden
Callname: Splash
Date of birth: 11-7-2016
Pedigreenumber: NHSB 3051124
PRA: clear by parentage
CEA: clear by parentage
JADD: clear by parentage
DE: clear by parentage
Chondrodystrophy (CDDY): N/N

Dutch champion
German champion (VDH)
Luxembourg champion
Dutch Juniorchampion
Sieger Karlsruhe
German Juniorchampion (VDH and DRC)
Luxembourg Juniorchampion
Jugendsieger Brandenburg
Jugendsieger Hannover
Annual Trophy Junior Winner
Jugendsieger Niedersachsen

Splash was born in July 2016 out of the combination Luna and Olie. Splash was the only girl the litter, she has 6 brothers. Splash is a happy girl that gets along fine with our other dogs. After puppyclass and basic obedience  we have started gundog training. In June 2019 she got her 1st litter.