This page is about our tollers that are not with us anymore. They will never be forgotten.
Honden Gedicht


Shady Maple Under the Red Sky

Callname: Luna
Date of birth: 16-2-2010
Date of death: 13-2-2022

Luna Mei2012

Golden Dawn Under the Red Sky

Callname: Dawn
Date of birth: 1-4-2008
Date of death: 4-2-2022

Chiemsee Web


Red Fairy Tales Go's Girl at the Well

Callname: Zoë
Date of birth: 22-1-2008
Date of death: 3-7-2020


Firefly's Are Your Duxinarow

Callname: Arie
Date of birth: 14-7-2004
Date of death: 20-8-2019

Arie was born in the United States, we imported him for our breeding programme. A wonderful sweet boy with the best temperament. The last 8 years of his life Arie lived with Tiny who give him the best possible retirement.

Arie Jan09 344x495


Sunshine of My Life Under the Red Sky

Callname: Maece
Date of birth: 8-4-2015
Date of death: 13-12-2018

In the summer of 2017 we found out that Maece had developed chronic hepatitis. She had several examinations that ruled out a number of possible causes. But we will never know what made her so ill. After more than a year of intensive care we had to let Maece go.



Meritable Meagan Under the Red Sky     

Callname: Meagan
Date of birth: 1-9-2005
Date of death: 7-9-2018

Meagan was born in our home. She was a wonderful toller with a sweet temperament, just like her mother Shady and grandfather Noddy. Meagan loved tennisballs and chasing birds and got along with everyone. She had three litters of her own and fostered a fourth litter. We are grateful that she lives on in her daughter Luna and granddaughter Splash.Meagan Feb2013 3










Chuck Yeager Under the Red Sky

Callname: Chuck

Date of birth: 18-9-2005
Date of death: 22-1-2018

Chuck was born in our home and always a bit of a clown. Enthusiastic, easygoing, active but also very gentle and soft. We kept him from Banshee's first litter with the Norwegian male Lauvstua's Mascot Keehnu. Chuck was an affectionate boy who also enjoyed it a lot to go with us on shows and retrieve dummies. We had to let him go in January 2018.

Chuck Yeager Under the Red Sky











Tollwest Dances with Waves

Callname: Tango
Date of birth: 30-11-2002
Date of death: 28-6-2017

Tango moved in with us on November 12 2007. He was 5 years at that time and lived before in Calgary, Canada. Tango was a happy guy who greeted everyone with enthusiasm. He was a multi-talented toller that loved working for his boss. We are very grateful that Lisa Porter has trusted us with this wonderful boy. Tango has offspring in several European countries and we are happy that his good health and wonderful temperament is spread further. 

Tango - Tollwest Dances with Waves


Pikkinokka's Red Sky Banshee

Callname: Banshee
Date of birth: 02-10-2002
Date of death: 21-2-2017

Banshee was our princess. She was born at Pikkinokka Kennels in Canada and came to live with us when she was 8 weeks old. Banshee was a very special girl with lots of personality. From the first day she captured Tinus' heart and because it was impossible to become angry at her, she got away with murder. Until her last day all dogs in our household had a huge respect for Banshee, even though she was the smallest dog in the house. We bred 3 litters with Banshee.

Banshee Web


Hedera's Contessa May

Roepnaam: Tess
Date of birth: 18-3-2005
Date of death: 16-01-2017

Tess was bred by Hedera's in Finland and came to our home as a puppy.  She had a lot of personality and knew exactly what she wanted. Tess got 3 litters at our kennel, later she enjoyed her retirement with another owner. She died of cancer at the age of almost 12 years.

Tess Web









KD's Flower to Power

callname: Raiko
Date of birth: 13-6-2002
Date of death: 22-7-2016

Raiko moved to our home when he was 3 years old. A sweet and cuddly dog who always was happy to see you. We have done tracking with him and he showed that he could do nose work very well. The last 8 years of his life Raiki lived with Marjan and Aike in Sappemeer where he had a wonderful time.

Raiko Web










Noddy Maverick Under the Red Sky

Callname: Maverick
Date of birth: 06-05-2004
Date of death: 11-06-2012

Maverick was a special toller for us. He was the first puppy from the combination Shady x Woody. And he was a single puppy which meant that we had to invest a lot of time in socialising Maverick. That was also the reason that we decided to keep him. Maverick was an energetic, playful boy who didn't mind a cuddle now and then but really preferred his tennisbal. We had to put him to sleep after he was diagnosed with colon cancer in an advanced stage.




Evening Shade Under the Red Sky

Callname: Shady
Date of birth: 22-04-1999
Date of death: 31-01-2010

Shady was the daughter of Silke and Noddy, our first male toller. A special girl in many ways. Shady had the real tollertemperament; she could be a little reserved with strangers but had an enormous passion for retrieving. She also loved agility. Shady was the first Dutch bred toller that became Canadian champion. In the picture is Til Niquidet of Pikkinokka Kennels who showed her for us. In the end of 2009 Shady was diagnosed with lymphoma, one month later we had to let her go. 



Bright Flower's Elegant Danish Boy

Callname: Noddy
Date of birth: 16-02-1992
Date of death: 28-05-2008

Noddy was one of the foundation dogs of our kennel. He won numerous titles, one of the highlights was the title World Winner in 1995. To us Noddy was the perfect toller: excellent exterior combined with a gentle and sweet temperament. A true companion who helped us raise many young dogs. We are so happy that we can carry on his line through Shady, Meagan and Luna. Noddy died peacefully on May 28 2008, in the age of 16 years and three months. 


Red-Tollers BB Silke

Callname: Silke
Date of birth: 04-06-1997
Date of death: 25-02-2008

Silke was imported from Norway. A girl with a strong personality who was very good in teaching young males how to behaves themselves... Silke was an excellent breedbitch and she meant a lot for our breedingprogramme. In February 2008 Silke was diagnosed with leukemia. She couldn't be cured and when she got worse there was no other option than to let her go. Silke lived the last year of her life with another family; we are grateful to them for the time they spent with her but it was much too short.

Silke Dk