Tollwest Burgess Shale

Fozzy Martinidogshow 2019 
Callname: Fozzy
Date of birth: 25-11-2017
NHSB-number: 3136342
PRA: clear
CEA: clear by parentage
JADD: normal
DE: not tested yet
DM: clear by parentage
CP: clear by parentage
CLPS: clear by parentage
Chondrodystrophy: CDDY/CDDY
Dilute (buff): D/d


Dutch Juniorchampion
German Juniorchampion (VDH and DRC)
Jugendsieger Karlsruhe
Jugendsieger Baden-Württemberg

Fozzy is our youngest toller. She was born in Calgary, Canada at kennel Tollwest and moved to Holland in April 2018. Fozzy is a lovely toller, she gets along fine with all our other dogs and loves to cuddle. But she is also full of energy and loves to learn new things.