We competed with three dogs at the Winner, the biggest dogshow in The Netherlands. And we won two titles! Joppe competed in veteranclass. He got 1 excellent and the title Veteran Winner. The judge gave Peggy 1 VP in puppyclass. Fozzy was entered in championclass. She was 1st in the class with excellent and was also best bitch. That gave her the title Winster 2022.

Fozzy Winster 2022


A new DNA-test has become available for the heartcondition Cardiac Laminopathy (CLAM). This is a fatal heritable condition that results in dilated cardiomyopathy and sudden death in young adult Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. We had Joppe and Fozzy tested. Fozzy is clear for CLAM and Joppe is a carrier. That means he doesn't have the condition but he can pass it on to his offspring.


Guus passed away on November 2nd. His pedigreename was Lawson Under the Red Sky, he was a son of Dawn and Forro. We wish his owners a lot of strength to deal with this loss.

Lawson Under the Red Sky


We have a new addition. Peggy has been living with us since August 24. Her full name is Readyfor Heading Back to Peggy's Future and she was born in Canada.

Peggy has a special pedigree. Her father Schooner died in 2011, his frozen semen was used for this combination. Schooner was also the sire of Tango and we are very grateful that breeder Jamie Klein gave us this opportunity to have another offspring of his in our kennel. Peggy's mother Journey was born in Italy and her mother is a half sister of Joppe. So for us many special lines come together in this puppy.

Peggy made the crossing from British Columbia together with Gerja. The trip went well and she already feels completely at home in our pack. We look forward to new adventures with this outgoing puppy!



Recently tollers can be tested for CDMC: Cerebellar Degeneration and Myositis Complex. This is a serious neurological disorder that first appeared in the Netherlands at the beginning of this year. Symptoms include underdeveloped muscles, muscle cramps, and loss of balance and coordination. The symptoms are already visible before the first year of life, in the Netherlands two puppies have died from this condition. The prognosis is uncertain and nothing is known about treatment.

On the positive side, Laboklin Germany has already developed a DNA test and that the disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner. This means that a dog can only get sick if both parents pass on the mutation. A carrier does not become ill itself, but may not be combined with another carrier in breeding.

We think it is important that the extent of this condition needs to be researched as soon as possible. That is why we had Joppe, Splash and Fozzy tested at Laboklin. Fortunately, all three are clear. Because Joppe and Splash are clear, Susie and her littermates are clear by parentage and do not need to be tested.