On October 22nd Duko passed away, at the age of 12,5 years. Duko's pedigreename was Designated Duko Under the Red Sky, he was a son of Kelly and Arie. He meant a lot to this family and they miss him very much. They made this beautiful card as a farewell to Duko.


Ruby Susie Under the Red Sky

Ruby Susie Under the Red Sky

Call name: Susie
Date of  birth: 30-06-2019
Pedigreenumber: NHSB 3164214
PRA: not tested yet
CEA: clear by parentage
HD: not tested yet
JADD: clear by parentage
DE: clear by parentage
Chondrodystrofie: clear by parentage
Susie on K9 data

Susie is our youngest toller. She is born at our home, from the litter of Splash and Joppe. It was our 40th tollerlitter and because of this ruby anniversary all pedigreenames start with Ruby. With Susie we hope to continue the bloodline that goes back to Noddy (Bright Flower's Elegant Danish Boy) and we are happy to keep offspring of Joppe in our breeding programme. Susie has done puppyclass and starts basic obedience in November.