Another sad post about the passing of an Under the Red Sky-toller. Jody (Charming Lady Under the Red Sky) passed away in december, she was only 7 years old. Jody was a daughter of Dawn and Maverick. She had a wonderful life with John and Monique and we wish them a lot of strength to deal with this loss.



We are really sad that we had to say goodbye to Maece (Sunshine of My Life Under the Red Sky). She was a sweet and happy girl and it broke our heart that she couldn't win this battle. We are very grateful to our vets for all their support and the loving care of Maece.


Sunshine of My Life Under the Red Sky * 08-04-2015 - †13-12-2018

judge A. Zeppi (It)

Fozzy: VG juniorclass
Luna: 2 exc. veteranclass

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