These last days of the year are for a lot of dogs very difficult because they are afraid of fireworks. Never use the medicin Vetranquil, this works contradictory for dogs with fear of fireworks. 

What can you do?

- Make a safe place for your dog, as quiet and dark as possible (a blanket over the crate, under the stairs, under the table etc.)

- Don't ignore your dog. There is nothing wrong with cuddling or petting your dog if it seeks comfort with you. As long as you don't act nervous or scared yourself. 

- Boom = cookie! Turn fireworks into something positive by giving your dog a treat directley after each time fireworks go off. 

- Use natural medication, for example Bach Rescue.

This is an article in a series of three about fear for fireworks The other articles are about how to train your dog in case of fear of fireworks and about what to do at the moment when your dog is frightened


  These articles are written by Monique Bladder, behavioural therapist for dogs. These articles may not be copied without prior consent. Links to these articles are allowed