Kennel Under the Red Sky in Smilde breeds Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers since 1992.
Owners of the kennel are Tinus Kamer and Gerja Slomp.

Wij%20juli%202019Tinus has been breeding dogs for several decades. In April 2013 he was the first Dutch tollerbreeder to receive the silver pin of honour from the Dutch kennelclub. This pin is awarded to people who have made 'an exceptionally meritorious contribution to the Dutch cynology'.
Gerja grew up with German longhaired pointers and Jack Russell terriërs that were used for hunting and breeding.


Our kennelname
The kennel was named after a track of the cd 'Under the Red Sky' from Bob Dylan

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What we do
We visit a lot of shows, in Holland and surrounding countries. Gerja also does a variety of training with our tollers: gundogtraining, tracking, balance and coordination etc. If we keep a puppy, we always do puppyclasses and basic obedience.

What's important to us?
For our breedingprogramme are health, character and exterior most essential. Of course we have the eyes and hips of our dogs checked. The dogs in our breeding programme are also DNA-tested for several inherited diseases.

Besides that we put a lot of time and energy in finding suitable stud dogs. We co-operate with kennels in Scandinavia, Canada and the United States. 

Our breeding policy
If you are thinking about buying a toller from our kennel, keep in mind that we have a waiting list. We don't breed often (an average of one litter in a year) and we have a lot of potential buyers. But this also means that each litter gets our full attention and that our puppies are socialised very well.

Our puppies are raised in the house.. That's also why we prefer not to have more than one litter at a time. We feel that a bitch should have plenty of time (at least a year) to recover from the delivery.

We breed at a professional level, but to us the health of our dogs, the socialisation of the puppies and the contact with their future owners will always get priority. We always want to meet our puppybuyers in person before we decide you can have a puppy.

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